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38H Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington, Auckland , 00612
Ministry of Ground embodies a harmonious blend of expertise and passion, curated over decades of transforming properties and nurturing gardens. Comprising a diverse team of designers, gardeners, plant experts, builders, and landscapers, their collective experience ensures the realization of bespoke outdoor spaces tailored to individual preferences. At the helm is owner Steve, whose profound appreciation for the transformative power of gardens has fueled a mission to create sanctuaries that evoke joy and belonging.What distinguishes Ministry of Ground is their unwavering commitment to client collaboration and transparency. Each project begins with attentive listening, as they seek to comprehend clients' desires and aspirations. This empathetic approach underpins every aspect of their work, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, fostering a sense of partnership and trust.Central to their ethos is a deep reverence for nature. Ministry of Ground views landscaping not merely as a profession but as a sacred covenant with both clients and the environment. They uphold this ethos by integrating sustainable practices into their designs and operations, ensuring minimal ecological footprint while maximizing aesthetic impact.Owner Steve's personal message reflects the company's values of integrity, dedication, and authenticity. His invitation to embark on a journey of responsible landscaping underscores Ministry of Ground's commitment to making a positive, lasting difference in clients' lives and the natural world.Through their dedication to excellence, Ministry of Ground has earned a reputation for setting industry standards in garden design and care. Their contact information, readily available for inquiries and updates, reflects their commitment to fostering enduring relationships with clients and community alike. Join Ministry of Ground in embracing the transformative power of outdoor spaces, where beauty meets purpose and harmony flourishes.

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